Community Guidelines

We welcome you to contribute different types of content to our Website: sights/attractions, photos, videos, reviews & comments. All content must comply with these Guidelines, our Terms and our Privacy Policy.

What is not allowed
• Any kind of unauthorized advertisement and promotional content (unless you post it on your own profile page)
• Poorly written text submissions that are very hard for most people to understand
• Duplicate content
• Irrelevant and off-topic content
User generated content may be moderated in one of three ways:
1. Pre-moderation is where a moderator reviews and approves or rejects a user’s submission before it is published.
2. Post-moderation is where a moderator reviews user content after it has been posted and decides whether it is suitable to remain.
3. Reactive moderation is where a moderator reviews and if necessary removes a user content as a result of complaint. Our users are able to self-regulate content posted in our Website by reporting inappropriate materials. This will notify our admins to review the content to see if it needs to be removed or edited.
Sights/Attractions submission guidelines
Sights/Attractions are main interactive elements on our Website. These are interesting or enjoyable places and objects worth seeing or visiting because of their natural or built beauty, cultural value, historical significance, amusement and leisure opportunities, etc. We welcome your contribution to our Website by adding new sights. You are allowed to add maximum 20 items per day. Please do not add object and places which are not of interest for most our Website’s visitors. Please do not add items, which duplicate already existing. Be as precise as possible to geotag a new item on the map.
The rating of sights / attractions
Registered users can rate sights / attractions in a 0-5 scale, 5 being the highest. Our suggested criteria for rating are:
1 – Fair (only limited interest)
2 – Good
3 – Very good
4 – Excellent
5 – Outstanding (worth a separate trip)
Review Guidelines
• When you write a review, it should reflect your own experience
• Be personal, passionate and honest
• Great reviews give specific details, facts and helpful information for other users
• Not too short, not too long: written reviews should be at least 100 characters and are limited to 10,000 characters.
Photos and Videos Guidelines
All photos and videos you share should be relevant to their respective attractions/sights. You can also post properly licensed photos from Flickr, Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. You are allowed to post maximum 7 photos for one attraction.
Please do not post photos which are:
• not relevant and/or not interesting for other users
• with people in foreground not related to an object
• heavily modified
• of low quality
Please note that If you violate these rules, we may remove the inappropriate content or terminate your account.
These Guidelines were last updated and became effective on May 25, 2018.