Bhaje caves

भाजे लेणी प्राचीन बुद्ध वारसा
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Address: Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District Lonavala, Maharashtra 412106
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Bhaja Caves Great Chaitya.jpg

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Main Chaityagrha, Cave 12, with stupa

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves or Bhaje caves is a group of 22rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located in Pune district, near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The caves are 400 feet above the village of Bhaja, on an important ancient trade route running from the Arabian Sea eastward into the Deccan Plateau (the division between North India and South India). The inscriptions and the cave temple are protected as a Monument of National Importance, by the Archaeological Survey of India per Notification No. 2407-A. It belongs to the Hinayana Buddhism sect in Maharashtra. The caves have a number of stupas, one of their significant features. The most prominent excavation is its chaitya (or chaityagrha - Cave XII), a good example of the early development of this form from wooden architecture, with a vaulted horseshoe ceiling. Its vihara (Cave XVIII) has a pillared verandah in front and is adorned with unique reliefs. These caves are notable for...

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