Ribat of Sousse

رباط سوسة‎
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Ribat of Sousse

Ribat of Sousse (Arabic: رباط سوسة‎) is a ribat in the city of Sousse, Tunisia. The original construction dates back to the Aghlabid era in the 8th century.


The ribat was initially constructed by the Aghlabid ruler Ibrahim the Great in the 8th century. During this time, the building had a modest structure. It was restored during the rule of Ziyadullah in 821, who ordered a major expansion of the fort. During the restoration, two floors, basement and battlements were added, as well as thirty rooms for guards to live complete with bathroom and toilet. A mosque was also established on the terrace where used by the citizens of Sousse especially during the Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. It is considered among the first mosques built in the city, including the Great Mosque of Sousse. The ribat is also equipped with a water basin which collects rainwater for the use of drinking and washing. The basin was first built by Ibrahim the Great, which was expanded later by Ziyadullah. The ribat was built less than 10 years later than the Ribat of Monastir, which was first-built in 796. However, Ribat of Monastir formed into current shape later in around 10th century.

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